Friday, June 09, 2006

And I thought my leathers didn't fit!!!!

Ok this morning I had to go for my medical into town I hate going into town it's such a drag I ride to work I catch a bus from work to the station (thanks to the drivers we now have a buss even though they get paid to walk from the station) then a train into town today it was a millennium(bug) they are just as bad as tangaras too cold and hard seats
anyway..... I get up early have a quick shower find my thermals then go looking for a pair of jeans realizing that my comfy jeans are in the wash and my big jeans are on the line I search my drawer and find my draggin jeans as I struggle into them I wonder when the last time I wore them is I get them over my bum only to find the damn things don't fit grrrrrr the button wont even go anywhere near the hole so it is out to the line for the big pair hoping that they aren't too damp, they weren't ....
I got into town early for my appointment wait around for a bit go and do sight (gee my vision has become bad I'll have to wear my glasses next time I renew my license) hearing, wee in the cup, back to waiting then on to the doc Q's about sleeping probs, alcohol and depression (yes I am a little depressed occasionally but I live with it ) , walk on toes, walk on heels, squat bounce stand up, arms over, head arms behind back, are you ticklish (yes) reflex tests on arms, tummy test, touch your toes, all good go back to work
On the way back to work I stopped into GJ's for a white choc mocha and a spinach filo roll, I forgot to ask for skim milk and I hadn't eaten all day (its 1015 by this time) I shouldn't have had the filo but it was delicious and I figured filo and feta is better than pastry and tasty.
I have gone totally of what I am supposed to eat mostly because It's the end of the fortnight and I haven't gone shopping yet I get lazy if I haven't got easy obvious stuff to eat in the house I found a recipe for chicken noodle soup in good taste magazine seems to be no count ingredients so I will make some soon to have for a few days

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