Sunday, June 25, 2006

What an awesome day

Mum left her phone here last night so we got up earlyish to it ringing, I am waiting for the bloke who won the auction for the desk to come and pick it up so I had to convince the boy that we still have time to go out in the morning because he said he would be picking it up in the afternoon, after a lot of convincing we threw the dogs in the ute and headed off to "new" Homeworld, it(homeworld display village) moves every so often as the companies change the houses in their range so there is always a New homeworld anyway we went to see the place we want, It's absolutely awesome, I was worried that it would be to "Castle Hill" no offence to those that live out that way it's just not my style........
Castle Hill Style: very large open housing no overly associated with coziness these are either decorated with country crafts or ultra modern minimalisim (also viewed by us as having spent so much money on the house that they can't afford to furnish it properly) a very un lived in look.
....... But it was gorgeous just the right size, the bottom floor is approximately the same size as our house and the top floor has the bedrooms, the ensuite is bigger than our current bathroom and the master bedroom wardrobe is the same size as our current bathroom. The boy couldn't get over how big it is he was worried about it being too small downstairs, we asked on the way out about getting the garage made drive through and colour bond roofing they can do both of these things. Probably because "Jim wouldn't have it any other way"

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