Monday, June 19, 2006

Bloody soccer

As in the movie last night (escape to victory)Sylvester stalone"this game is ruining my life," the boy kept the telle on until 2am this morning when he decide to have a nap before the 3am game..... We missed the game his alarm went off he turned it off and I was awake for the next half hour or so now I am buggered, still deciding what to have for lunch, looks like another few days of poor choices, had a fried mushroom sandwich for breakfast.

I did manage to fold the clothes today I will work on the rest of the lounge room this evening that will be 1 room down 3 to go I don't even know if anyone is coming to this tupperware party why do I have to be such an anti social body I have 3 friends that I have kept some form of contact with I have e-mailed them but as yet no reply my phone died a few months ago so I lost all of my phone numbers grrrrrrrr....I hate phoning people any way I get all muddled up with what I want to tell them that of course leads to jumbled and stuttered words which make no sense

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Rae said...

definately sounds like you have the bad form of soccer fever! ARGH! hope your day got better, and have a good night sleep if you cna find a good night!
did the tupperware party work out ok? i hope so!
Rae :)