Sunday, June 11, 2006

Too Bloody cold today

It is sooo cold today last night we both had way too much to drink, Ok so he had way too much to drink and forced 3 large glasses of velvet cream and milk on me now as we all know I work for the NSW Railway and one requirement is that you are under 0.02 BAC at work and you can be tested at any time so I very rarely drink at all you can imagine what 3 large glasses of velvet cream does to me
anyway the boy was all set to go across the road and "talk to the neighbours" he also wanted to go out to the club to "get out of this gaol" somehow I managed to convince him to stay and I would cook us a romantic dinner at home, we can't really afford to got to the club at the moment
I cooked split pea and ham soup (Ok so it came out of a tin I just reconstituted it and heated it), chicken drumsticks with roast chicken seasoning and sweet potato and vegies I went shopping yesterday and bought some WW Puddings (3pts each) so we had chocolate self saucing pudding for desert YUMO the boy then went promptly to bed and started snoring his head off

This is a pic of him waiting for the drumsticks and veg to be ready

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