Thursday, June 01, 2006

You don't need to loose weight!!!!

That is one comment I hear too often, Since starting work I have gone from a size 12 to a size 14 the 16 touched on 18 for a bit, back to 14 then 12 now back to 16 unfortunately My size 16 leather riding pants are made for a size 12 bum,
this is something people who make the above comment don't realise, years of playing basket Ball has stuffed my knees so on top of having a $250 pair of pants pants that don't fit past my bum I get lots of pain in my knees and hips because I gradually change the way that I walk as well.
I will take a picture later to show how far off fitting they are

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Rae said...

ooooo, i just hate that comment!! It's so frustrating, cos then you feel like you are whinging if you say " well actually i have nothing that fits and the world health organization classes me as fat!"... anyway, thats a pet hate of mine, that comment!
on tho other things, how good is No Count?!?! eat choc every day and still lose weight! the whole listening to your body does wonders for me!

and i have NO IDEA how that can happen to a toilet... weird, and kind of intriging actually...

hehehe, and i noticed my blog is on your links! i feel so special!! Thankyou! :) and Donna is so lovely, i am not surprised she inspired you, cos she is just so inspiring and gorgeous! :)

So anyway, all the best on the new blog (it's looking great so far, though i really know zilch about the phone, the whole video thing would be cool though!) and on WW and i hope you are fitting into those leathers before you know it! and every kilo gone is an achievement worth of celebration and pride, so be proud and go far!
Rae :)