Friday, June 30, 2006

Its raining again Da daa da da da di da da

I can't remember the words for the song but yep it is raining again, so much for it getting warmer, dad used to always sing that song when it started raining he probably still does, an incredibly sweet yet annoying man my dad is, seriously..... he has this get out there and get 'em attitude to life perfect for the sales man that he is, any party we go to dad slots himself in as waiter or barman he always tries to make everyone happy and enjoy themselves, of course if you have one extreem you must have another my dad is also an incredibly frightening man if someone makes him really angry, not that he is violent at all but it's all in the eyes they can go from lighting up the room to ice in a blink, he is still a wonderfull man he will do almost anything for me and my brother.

It interesting the things that bring in memories

This is us at a cousins wedding the year before last dad on the right brother on the left guess who in the middle, was really close to goal then

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