Saturday, June 17, 2006

Net down

It seems that tonight most of my favourite websites are down, all coming up as page not found .... grrr. I got my pedometer today its a pretty blue one I have done 8364 steps since around 11:00 today we'll see how I do over the next two weeks while I'm on holidays hopefully I'll get some things done around the place but I'll probably just spend most of the day in bed. I moved the computer into the wardrobe today in readiness(is that a word) for the weight bench our computer room is about to become our home gym I'll have to drag the boy's old body building books out and learn a bit about technique and what exercise is good for what body parts, I am not going to build up I was told that when I went to the gym b4 it is impossible for a woman to bulk up with weights unless she used steroids or certain supplements

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