Sunday, June 18, 2006


Now I am starting to think there is something wrong with my scales, I weigh myself in my knickers so it's not the clothes I'm wearing but this week I lost 2Kg, I did some things differently this week

  • I did have all three meals a day
  • I ate chocolate every day (fundraisers are point free)
  • I did not walk the dogs
  • I had takeaway lunch twice (1 hamburger, 1 Chicken burger)
  • I did not count my extras points
  • I have started my 10,000 step challenge

Hopefully this week I do just as well should be fairly easy since I am on hols so I'll be home for 2 weeks might even manage to take the dogs for a walk

as for the list in the post below

I have managed to list the desk in ebay and have already had 2 questions Yaaaay, the boy put the dishes away, I have put some dishes in a sink of hot soapy water when I can get my hands in I will wash them

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