Thursday, August 31, 2006

dogs eat cabbage?

yep while I was hanging the washing out I caught them starting to munch into my cabbages, sometimes I wonder if we have dogs or sheep they eat an awful lot of greens, I don't mind too much because so many have come up I don't think we will need them all, I might have to do a bit of a cull when they get bigger, but I don't want them to think it will be OK to pick whatever they like from the garden, as it was last year they stole an apple off the tree when we only got 2.
Today we have the addition of snow peas popping up :-) and many more silver beet. after reading my Good Taste mag I am wondering if I planted the capsicums in the right spot it appears that some of them grow as vines and I have no support for them oh well I guess I'll just have to keep them small

I have done another workout on the bench still not using any weight other than the bar yet for most things, I haven't weighed the bar but it certainly feels heavy and it is definitely doing something for me

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Anonymous said...

Funny! One of my Australian Shepherd's LOVES cabbage. I eat it everyday and she gets all excited while she waits for me to cut it up. Then I put a little in her bowl and she eats it right up.

She loves most veggies and drinks wheat grass juice too.