Sunday, August 06, 2006

New week new day

so you can have an idea of how I went last week I'm - 0.2 this week yaaay if I keep on track for the whole of this week I'll be back below 75 very soon

we went for a walk this morning which was good I sorta ran for most of it since the woofs haven't been out for at least a week I was encouraging them to burn up some of that destructive energy it feels good to really stretch my legs and run a little, perhaps one day I'll be fit enough to go for a run rather than a walk
I do worry that running is a lot harder on the joints but then all of the sports that I have ever been involved in have been hard on the joints, Gymnastics, trampolining, basket ball, soccer and Oz Tag, its funny now to think of me being a gymnast I think I would be a little too tall and a little big to be competitive, if I didn't work shifts I would definitely get back into the basket ball and oztag again its good fun but the games are all in the evenings during the week too many people to let down as well
I have got a new weight training book and a book on the ball exercises coming soon, I like the idea of training and exercising by myself the new weights book made me laugh though the recommended diet for weight loss basically involved tuna baked beans and weightloss shakes, how anyone could possibly stick to that I don't know or even if the bloke who wrote it tried it, I seriously doubt it
I wanted to got and get a set of dumbbells and a bar today but the boy is in veg mode so it didn't happen :-( maybe tomorrow when I will go and find out the price of a load of soil for the vegie garden

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