Saturday, August 05, 2006


that about explains it, didn't get to bed till 2am was woken by various outburst resulting from rugy league on playstation until around 4 woke up at 630 then 820 was eventually dragged out of bed by the phone ringing at 1126
The boy his baby brother and his dad went to the club to watch the footy the baby bro thought it was really bad that I was still in my jammies and dressing gown, mind you I got out of be and got dressed in the warmest clothes I could find which just happen to be my flannie jammies and my polar fleece dressing gown with my teddy bear boots

Mum rang and said that my young aunty was there and could I bring her tupperware around(yaay all delivered) so I hung around there for a bit and discovered how evil bakers delight is, spinach and feta scones and pumpkin and sunflower seed bread need no butter and are really yummy
I might go to bed soon and make an early start of it tomorrow, the start of a new week and a new day

I will do well in the new week

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