Sunday, August 13, 2006


Ok so I'm too lazy to remember or work out how much I have lost this week, but I have reached the 5kg mark YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY, that did mean a nice rice cooker that won't spill in the microwave so much, but, see the post about expensive lessons and you and guess what my new reward is, yep a replacement phone, It should get here tomorrow or Tuesday hopefully early tomorrow before I have to go to work

No post yesterday, I mentioned earlier I like to keep my blog up to date so that it doesn't become like most of the things I start and enjoy, yesterday I was planning on going for a ride to Berima from what I can figure its south somewhere on the way to Goulburn and they have markets on today so I wanted to get home and to bed straight away

as seems to be the way atm my plans went astray, I opened the door and saw something on the floor .... The battery from the cordless phone.... Then further in there were little peices of something scattered around, I thought Oh No he's thrown a tanty and destroyed the phone, I later found that the phone wouldn't work and he threw it across the room or something like that he can't remember too well what happened, anyway the white bits were pieces of a bowl , next to the microwave there was half a plate and on the floor small shards of plate and a pile of what I later found out was pie filling in the sink was the packed and tray for a frozen apple pie
I figured something had happened and it was likely someone would be up during the night and get bits of glass in their feet so I spent the next half hour or so cleaning up and got to bed a little after midnight

I did ask about the plate and the bowl, apparently the bowl fell off the table and he dropped the plate getting it out of the microwave I'm guessing the bowl coped the phone then fell, the phone will never work again, the apple pie was eaten with however much icecream was left, Oh well that saves me from eating it, he did make a small attempt to clean up since there were a few pieces of bowl in the bin and the other half of the plate, we will be getting one of those multi handset phones hand the boy will be paying

anyway I 'm off for a quick ride while its still a brilliant day

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