Sunday, August 20, 2006

Lotsa posts today

Lotsa posts today, we got up late and there hasn't been much to do, OK so I'm just plain being lazy today

we did go to the markets today we got some fruit and I bought a fathers day pressie, for the first time ever its not the day be for or the day of fathers day, My dad is a very interesting man,
well to me he is, he loves going shopping not just food shopping but the type that groups of girls do the best thing is he picks out really nice clothes for me to try on and I know if it doesn't sit right or for that matter fit right he will tell me, the other great thing is that sometimes he pays, he also collects roosters (yes there are many jokes about cocks in that house), so at the markets today we saw a rooster made of different pieces of metal I had to grab it, there might be a jumper or a bottle of something to go with it later

I gained 0.2 this week which is probably the amount of pizza I ate last night for dinner, it also means I am still less 5kgs, we got the last of the pieces of the weight bench yesterday so I will put that together and start using it soon, the ball thing is going OK....... I did it 2 days in a row but haven't had time(or something like that) since I will start again tomorrow

I have also done a recovery on my puter, it was taking around half an hour just to start up, new rule .... no more stupid unnecessary downloads .... I know I am chief offender here so we will see how that Idea lasts hopefully this time I will stick to it, It takes a couple of hours to do a recovery and load the drivers for the printer and web cam etc I am sure I will find more things that need loading over the next few days

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