Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The bench gets its first workout

Well actually I had my first work out on the bench today using the muscle tone and fat burning program in Rocco Oppedisano's Barbell and Dumbbell only Home Weight Training book 45 min 3 days a week he reckons, I can feel it already I will be very sore tomorrow, Tomorrow I will go for a little ride on my push bike or I'll find some time to skip,

Another good thing the bed that the Boy had when I met him is finally on its way out the door, the mattress started getting springs poking though a few months ago, we considered getting a new one but the boy was reluctant to spend the money at the time, recently one of the dogs sneaked into our bed and had an accident so I had to wash the Lecky Blanket, the springs were originally on my side but with me doing opposite shifts we swapped sides, the boy has found that there are now 3 or 4 springs sticking through,

so today we went bed shopping, the old one was part of a package from freedom and has started to bend where we sit on the side to get on/off, but he didn't want to spend the extra to buy a mattress and a bed, we went to Penrith where there is a huge home maker center straight to Capt'n snooze where we got assessed and the lady was very help full and showed us around, the mattress was what I considered very reasonably priced and well within our budget so I suggested that we have a look at the beds to go with it, it didn't take much, he has always wanted a low "futon" style bed they had one there which has built in bedside tables with options such as lamps (which we got), Sound system and Ipod dock, neither of us has an Ipod, I prefer to listen to AM Talk back than to music over and over again, so we didn't want any of the sound system stuff, all I can say is that my MasterCard is now very close to its limit but at least most of that is 48months interest free or 24 months differed payment, the new phone will be paid for in next pay

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