Thursday, August 03, 2006

De widdle Bubba Mouse

We have a mouse, or more, which usually is fine we drag out the traps stick some soft rice to them and within a few days you will hear "SNAP", poor mousey, I kinda like mice and feel bad about killing them like that,

This one which at first the boy was annoyed about has become known by the above title, and for a long time wouldn't come out when I was in the room, so I got the description of the tiny bubba with ears that are almost as big as his body (I wish I could load a pic).

Then, the bubba mouse snuggles in the arch of the boys boot (under the sole not inside)

the other day I saw him playing around in the kitchen he is a little darling and his ears are almost as big as his body now here is where we come to a slight problem .....

How do you set a trap for a widdle bubba mouse????? Especially when you have looked him in the eyes and been almost close enough to touch,

since it is his fault that I feel guilty about setting the trap I have left this task to the boy I just hope the weather warms up and the Mouse finds his way to a nice field outside and stays there because I don't think the trap is going to be set

1 comment:

Rae said...

oh i am no help on this one!
poor widdle bubba!

i hope he finds that field, and i hope you don't hear any snaps!

he sounds so cute...


good job on delegating, i think that was the best thing to do!