Thursday, August 17, 2006

Smoky flavoured poridge

yep you did read it right, this mornings breakfast is smokey flavoured porridge, It's absolutely Gross but I can't stand to throw food out I had to put extra jam in it to hide the flavour and the pot needs a really good scrub, I suppose that's what happens when you are tired and sore and a little bit distracted hopefully tonight is a lot easier

I was planning on starting the second garden bed but well I'm still in my PJ's so it probably isn't going to happen today, the second bed will be for things like pumpkins and melons which tend to grow wild the idea is to let them go but trim anything that goes over the border we are thinking of fencing the whole section of the yard all we need for that are a pair of gates, the fence is already there, veggies need privacy and it hides the clothes line

1 comment:

Rae said...

I understand, i hate throwing away food too! however you have meantion one of teh few things i really will throw out and start again!
it must have been good jam to make that palatable!

as for th vegies, i am so looking forward to haveing a yard again, i have been in a no outdoors unit for TOO LONG!
and i love pumpkin, grows so well, cooks so well, tastes SOOOOOO GOOOD.... especially in scones
oh, now i have made myself hungry!
Rae :)