Saturday, August 19, 2006

Warning possibly Long and boring just need to type

OK so if you got past my title it's another one of those days which require much whinging and well release into the WWW

I got my seeds planted today, the boy's mate came over for a "few" (Like 20) they were talking about the boy's last bike which all three of us had managed to drop and how hard it was to ride, I told them I didn't think it was hard to ride and before I got out that it just didn't handle very well at low speed which is when it fell over on me, (not on top of me) he started saying something to the effect of how wrong I was even though I was simply expressing my opinion, I saw red and yelled at him to not cut me off like that, the mate went home very shortly after that I don't like him but I also don't want to be one of those women who tells their boy who they can hang around with so I sit there and bite my lip most of the time as the mate encourages the boy to do things that break the law

for example last night he got pulled over on his motorized push bike and threatened to be charged with drive while disqualified because the motor was more than 200 watts, now if he knew this he would not be riding it with 5 months till he gets his licence back, he came home and decided he would give it to a bloke he works with who would be traveling on the freeway and less likely to get pulled over, the mate made a big deal of all of the nasty things he should say next time they pull him over on it and bugger getting rid of it that's a stupid Idea by the end of the conversation the motor was staying

I got a big lecture about pulling my head in and I have only 5 years experience while between them they have 40 or 50, I don't normally swear on thing that I publish but it shits me that he drinks so much I could handle criticism if it didn't only come when by definition (swaying, glassy eyes, slurred words, warped perception on life) he is drunk,

One day I got the courage to tell him that I think he is an alcoholic, unfortunately I did this when he was drunk, not a good Idea, one of his mum's BF's was an alco who beat him and his brothers up which left them sleeping in the car and too scared to got home etc.... I have not yet told him that some nights I ring before I leave work so that I know what to expect when I get home or for that matter weather I should go the very long way like via penrith........It's not like he is always drunk but he binge drinks and way too often tries to drown his sorrows with alcohol I'm glad he has reduced his Bourbon drinking I worry every time he buys a 4 pack that I will have to as promised leave

after his mate left and his dad finally dropped off the ute we went shopping, he wanted to get something to eat first so we went to hungry jacks, he wanted to finish his beer b4 we went in, we must have sat there for around an hour the beer hardly got touched but he just dribbled crap for ages, he thinks he might need to go to a mental hospital before he hurts someone (not me) I offered to take him but he said we would probably loose the house, I think I could handle it(repayments) but then there are his personal debts which I could not handle I have to pay for the ute yet

so after all of this I am sure some are saying why hang about, well .............. seriously.............. I love the man he tolerates my moodiness he drags me out of downs he has faults but I can be really nasty come that time of month,
I do wish some times that he would go to a hospital and get his problems sorted

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