Tuesday, August 08, 2006

new goal

My new goal is to get to work on or a little before time

today I got up a 0500, yep I hate dayshifts,
dragged meself out of bed
had a shower
packed a weeks worth of clean workclothes into a bag
grabbed some crispbread since the normal stuff was in the freezer and a tin of tuna and threw them into my lunch box
put some oats and milk into a container and jam into another, into the lunch box too with a mandy and an apple
strapped the bag of clothes onto the bonnie
found my helmet and jacket
put them on
0605 kissed the boy
0610turn the key and hit the start button (know by old fellas as the electric leg)
neah neah neah neah blah
neah neah neah neah blah
neah neah neah neah blah
neah neah neah neah neah neahneahneahneah bombom blah
throw lunch bag into the ute
unstrap clothes bag and throw in tray of ute
remove helmet and jakcket and put away, change shoes, its bad luck to drive in riding gear
open gates start ute back out close gates
0620head to work
traffic traffic and more traffic some silly fools decided to crash on the M4
ring work
ring ring ring ring ring ring ring ring ring ring
hang up keep driving for almost an hour
0743 arrive at work
several mentions of how late I was and how I will be docked 1 hr (oh well)

apparently there will be a please explain something about allowing for things to happen on the way to work ..... I wonder at these times when we will be getting a dorm/barracks built so that we can all be on time and go home for 8 or 10 hrs a day rather than to work..... I probably should leave at 5 instead of getting up at that time then find someplace warm to curl up at work

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Rae said...

urgh, what a morning! you would think they would be more understanding, i think you left at an ok time!
and it is very early start! i am lucky i am a morning person, but i think that just amkes me more annoyed about how much my husband is NOT a morning person... oh well!
good luck with your new goal, it is a good one!
Rae :)