Monday, August 14, 2006


NO I'm not really sick, but at 230 this afternoon My Phone had not arrived, and I had to be home to sign for it, so I made the call and took the day off, just as I hung up the phone the delivery van arrived,
bloody hell, nothing seems to be working right at the moment

I also got my careflight bear today, I like them I think I might collect them, I already had Diver bear and now I have Road Services bear I think next time I will get the engineer bear

Most of the cost is donation to careflight, I like them too because

  • they only call once or twice a year
  • they are always polite
  • I get something out of the donation (the bear)
  • and one day I may need their help myself

arent they cute

I had a very bad lunch today which seems to have upset my stomach , fish portion sandwiches with home made cheese sauce, I always thought people were being silly when they say food that they used to eat all the time makes them feel off now, Ok so admitedly I never used to have cheese sauce on them it used to be masterfoods extra creamy tartare sauce so perhaps its the sauce I think it was just the whole thing, can't wait till friday, I am going to buy some fruit.

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