Friday, August 11, 2006


I draged myself out of bed this morning, around 730, and went for my little bicycle ride to the mechanics, It felt really goo, I could get used to this racer thing but I think my legs have grown since I last used it, the seat is a little low for my liking
I also went to the tax man and got that sorted, lucky me I get just a little more than the tax mans fees back, hey its better than owing $XXX like I did when I started before he added the deductions and donations
I got back home and fell back in bed where I stayed till 1230, later in the afternoon, the boy who hardly moved from the first time I got up to when I got back, mentioned that he thinks he has cronic fatigue or something like it, I thought about it for a while but I think its either a lifestyle thing , late nights, burnung the candle at both ends etc.. or we have both managed to catch minor doses of colds or flu for the last month or so. first thing is first we deifnatley need to go to bed earlier and see how that goes, so, Good night I'm off to get some sleep

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