Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Spring is comming but it is sooooo cold

I don't understand it, we had three or four days of beautifull sunshine and 19-21 degrees, brilliant, it was very difficult to get up this morning bed was soooo nice and warm and it was soooo cold outside didn't get up till almost 1030 then, Shock horror, I got ready for work and spent the rest of the day bumming around trying to keep warm, I did venture out to the vegie garden which I have covered in palm leaves, those big fan shaped ones, cut from our palm tree in an attempt to kill the grass, the hoe just wasn't working too well, we will have to get a load of topsoil eventually, tried mulching the plam leaves today but the mulcher blade is blunt, the boy is going to try and sharpen it tomorrow, he isn't home yet and he has left his bum bag with his wallet and phone in it here so I hope he is OK he's usually home a bit before I am

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Rae said...

i understand!
i am freezing my butt off!
and some days the ventureing out just dones't seem to happen as well as it should, but we have to keep looking forward to spring and summer, they are coming, we have been promised!