Thursday, August 10, 2006

A good day turns bad and two expensive lessons learnt

Today I put the Ute in for a service had a talk with the mech who said it would be ready by 2 o'clock so I could get to work

The boy couldn't beleive it "all day just to do a service!?"
"yep thats how long it takes"
"Just let it go"
"you have to haggle on these things"
you can guess where the conversation went after that, one thing I don't do is haggle, I ask how much or how long and leave if the number given is too high for my liking,
Maccas for breaky, gloria jeans mudslide for morning tea
lots of walking around the shops
caught the bus home and decided to give my old racer a service (pump up the tyres, lube the rusty chaine, etc...)
Mechanic called I could tell it was going to be expensive by the way he was talking
turns out pretty much every fluid needed changing, spark plugs, air filter, fuel filter, front brake pads, wiper blades, I sorta expected all off this, it hasn't had even an oil change since I bought it and this gives us a clean start to work from
the big Q "how much?" tick tick tick tick , thumpathumpathumpathumpa
$785 .......gulp,....... "hang on a sec"
after a quick conversation with the boy it was decided that we would go with it
"yep go for it",
"it won't be ready by 2 for us to do all that.....",
"its ok I have another vehicle",
"Oh thats good I was going to offer the use of one of our little cars, will someone be able to pick your car up today or would you like us to lock it up here tonight?",
"no keep it there if you can",
No. 1 expensive lesson, keep the car serviced or do it yourself,I have to pick it up tomorrow morning now, it will be bloody cold on the pushy

back to the racer, I took it for a test ride up and down the street which felt good, a little wobbly in the front end but then I'm used to MT bike tyres
I got back and made a coffe, the boy noticed the dogs playing with something which did not look like a dog toy
this is what he found....................

I cried... the boy didn't understand why I was crying to him it is just a phone, to me it stores and organises my life, takes pictures and videoes, entertains

I thought about it for a few minutes, I could just go to cash converters and get something cheap , but it wouldn't have the features that the N70 has soooo....

I did a very bad thing, I pulled out my GO mastercard normally reserved for intrest free defered payment for xx months purchases, got online and ordered a new one, I now have $475 to pay off within 62 days so I don't have to pay interest .....

My punishment for doing this silly thing will be to accept all OT offered untill it is payed off which shouldn't be too hard or long since there is an abundance of OT at the moment

that is my second very expensive lesson

I am not talking to the dogs atm and they are no allowed inside

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