Monday, August 07, 2006

I have made phone calls and organised stuff yaaay

Ok so if anyone hasn't yet noticed or read here my communication skills leave something to be desired, I think my typing is ok but it's the talking bit that is a problem I have mentioned before that I will do a vlog one day on that day in front of the camera I will be shaking in my boots, knocking at the knees and shivering at the fingers
so any way I am very pleased with myself today I have made 2 phone calls and made appointments, the car is booked for a service at 0800 on Thursday and I have an appointment with the tax accountant at 0900 on Friday (I know it should be done by now), the boy has refused to make anymore phone calls on my behalf so I have to do it myself I would have preferred to go into those places and book in person but well petrol prices is all I can say on that one
tomorrow I am working so if I find the time I will ring the sand and soil place for a price on some soil and gravel, soil for the vegie garden, the fun of gardening in Sydney is the amount of clay in the ground we have put loads of gypsum down but its still very hard to dig in and I imagine it will be hard for the plants to grow in . I have been told that the vegie garden is all my responsibility, the boy is not going to interfere, gee I hope the vegies grow, almost everything that I have ever planted has died either from over or under watering, I might throw some water crystals into the soil when I get it
now the gravel that is to finish off the back driveway which with all of the rain over the weekend is very muddy

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