Friday, August 04, 2006

More planning and routining etc

I have been thinking today and yesterday it is good to have days for things but I also need to get into a general daily routine
I have not been walking or for that matter wearing my Pedometer or doing any exercise at all

I have been spending an awfull lot of time in bed, I woke up today at 0630 was too hot so I turned the blanket off and thought that clock can't be right it's still dark then I woke up again at 0830 and it was raining so I snuggled in again then I woke at 1116 feeling like absolute rubbish I think there might be a touch of flu coming for me soon, it was still raining.

I eventually managed to drag myself out of bed and into the shower, gee we have a crappy shower I've been spoilt using the ones at work all week which actually have some pressure, anyway the shower made me feel a little better

I had a can of beans and two or three coffees then a bowl of porridge and a few more coffees.
I made a chicken noodle stirfry (I had some angel hair pasta which I had intended to use for chicken noodle soup hahahaha) with oyster sauce, and went to work which was a pretty cruddy place to be luckily there wasn't much work on and I could sit in the nice warm office for most of the night.
Got home to find that the dogs had broken into the sunroom and attacked their lounge, little tiny bits or foam everywhere, silly animals it would have been cute if they hadn't destroyed everything and just went in there to be warm and out of the cold, wet night.

Anyway back to routines, ok so its more like habits , I have bad habits which have been developed over the last 3 or 4 years at least here are some points relating to changing those:
  • I must learn to get up not long after I wake up
  • I need to walk most days of the week so do the dogs
  • I must organise myself for work either the night before or in the morning so I am not in a rush
  • I need to replace some of my coffee with herbal teas or water
  • Breakfast is a very important meal which is usually easy to make I should do this more often
  • Lunch is also and easy meal to make and best eaten hours not minutes after breakfast
  • Dinner is not so easy but it doesn't have to be hard or take a lot of time or even be fancy

I have no problem eating lots of fruit or vegies I have a cube of goulburn valley fruit snacks in the pantry for the end of the fortnight when there isn't much fresh stuff left these also go well in my easi-yo which isn't very sweet, I like it that way.

hopefully we are going to the markets tomorrow to get some more fruit and veg we did a little shop on Thursday which sorta threw me out for the week since Friday is shopping day not Thursday.

OH well the dogs a reeking havoc again which I will have to go sort out, there will definitely be a trip to bunnings included in tomorrows plans

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