Friday, August 25, 2006


For the last hour or so I have been stuck outside, stupid me forgot to take my keys when I left this afternoon its bloody freezing out there,

I have succeeded in throwing a heap of stuff out, I'm a bit of a disposaphobic so crud tends to collect and I have a lot of trouble throwing a lot of things out but today I went threw the pile that has accumulated in the room and while yes there is an even bigger mess than before, there are half the number of objects, some are things that are use full to have around, like pencil cases, note books and envelopes, some are things that need to go back to work, circuit books, technical instructions etc, and the rest is crud that I cant quite bring myself to throw out yet, trophies, incense

I'm a little disappointed in my veggie seeds I think I expected them to come up in a few days but no sign of them yet, the woofs got into the garden and had a bit of a dig so there may be a hole in the row of cabbage or cabbage mixed in with the silver beat and capsicum or any combination of the three no longer in rows. I really hope the capsicum comes up I don't really like capsicum but these were heirloom variety's which are in 7 colours so I am very interested as to what the 7 colours are

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