Monday, September 04, 2006

Where have I been

well.... I've been working, as I promised when my phone got destroyed I must say yes when asked for OT, I was asked to come in four early on Saturday and I was asked to work Sunday which being fathers day obviously not many people were willing to work Sunday was just supposed to be 8 but the Foreman got us together with the list of jobs and said the fitters are doing 12 hrs if my mate and I wanted to hang about and help with the extra work we had the choice of staying I figured I'm here now I may as well stay, usually even though the work is worth 12 hrs if it gets done early we can go

I was getting a little worried because the crew we had were from the permanent day shift and they were working like they do on days bloody slow and mucking around with simple things one of them kept walking away to answer his Mobile phone where I have seen others answer their phone and keep working 1 handed obviously not long conversations the first job which with a decent crew take 1.5 hrs took almost 4 I couldn't believe it normally they are waiting for me to finish my bit but yesterday I was waiting for them. the rest of the jobs I have no Idea how long they normally take but at the end the fitter who was putting in allot of effort thanked me for the help and the foreman as we were leaving mentioned that we could have done with one more person

Sunday night I made dinner for mum, dad, Pa, my Brother and the boy. Turkey thigh roll roast eggplant and sweet potato and peas, I attempted a queen pudding but the custard wouldn't set so it was a little runny, mum informed me that you can't make bread and butter based pud until you are 30 I hope to perfect it well before then, it would be good to have a desert to take that people ask for, mums specialty's are Pavlova, baked cheesecake, Apple pie, potato salad and apple salad or those are the things she regularly takes to BB Q's and Parties anyway

The veggie garden has changed SO much in the last few days we now have a row of snow peas and a row of beans which are almost 5cm tall, the peach tree is loosing its petals and growing leaves, I can count 6 potential peaches the citrus trees are budding there are green tips on the cherry trees buds spring has definitely sprung

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