Wednesday, January 03, 2007

happy new year etc.....

well we have another number to write at the end of the date .... yet again never mind that I am still dating things 04 or 05 I'm sure I'll catch up eventually or not , I 'm on a really cruddy shift this week .... 5am to 1pm getting up at 330 really sucks
apart from that It's been raining again this time they were talking about the catchment area getting 71mm I'm hoping this is a large portion of the area behind the dam cause 71mm over a really small area won't make that much difference

I find it funny though that they keep trying to blame the unusually cool weather on global warming it was snowing in some places on Christmas day which for the international visitors out there is the middle of summer and generally around the 35 - 40'C mark. for the moment I'm enjoying it I'm sure it'll get hot again come mid February then not cool again till April at least

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sparklingmerlot said...

How bizarre that some got a white christmas that wasn't the sand?!

This time last week was cold and today it's been in the 30s. Welcome to southern Australia!!!

I was reading back over your Christmas entries and can you let your aunt(?) know that desexing won't make the dog fat. Overfeeding tends to do it! A bit of a bugbear of mine. Desex unless you intend to breed, and then make sure you are breeding GOOD stock.

I'll crawl back into my hole, now!!

And thanks for following me ......