Sunday, January 07, 2007

garden update

I thought I might do an update on my veggies with pics of course

the cabbages are starting to look a lot more like cabbages, I have harvested the first leaves off the silver beet and the first of the tomatoes and beans I'm waiting till the tomatoes start to go red before picking them, Hoping not to have to spray, so far no aphids but its the flies I'm worried about our peaches got quite big but everyone of them had been attacked by the fruit fly, we will have to spray in future, there are some organic sprays out now the one we use is called econatrualuer it attracts the fly then sterilises them hopefully it works better sprayed rather than put into traps
the eggplants finally came up, I'm pretty impressed with thoseunfortunately the snow peas dies not sure what happened perhaps they need more water
I also planted a potato which I found growing in the pantry it doing quite well as well
Oh and I cant forget the rouge lettuces they are in flower I never new lettuce could be so attractive, I have thrown some more seeds in the veggie patch for mixed salad greens they came up pretty quickly the broccoli came up as well but disappeared after all of the recent heat thankfully it is raining again

Weigh in was good lost 0.2, still going to go on points this week to try for a bit of a kick start might run some sort of hybrid thing, eat only when hungry until full mainly non processed stuff but staying within points


jen said...

Good luck with the points...0.2 loss is great, keep it up, and do try the kick start.
Garden looks great...plenty of good healthy eating there...


Erica aka finallyonmyway said...

WOWZERS! i used to have a veggie garden, your lovely pics have remindad me just how much i enjoyed having it (the veggie garden) i must consider another one.

... Erica x