Saturday, January 20, 2007

trip to the city

OK so in preparation to go to symphony tonight we went and laid out a sheet to mark our spot. the domayne is almost right in the middle of the city its pretty nice, lots of big statues around and old trees I took a heap of pics on the way into and out of the citythese are the bridges in and out, you have to pay a toll on the harbour bridge to get into the city so we go in on Anzac bridge
I think this one come next, ANZAC bridge, I think its a very pretty bridge to look atas you get closer you can see that other Icon of the city, Center point tower, not sure if they still call it that but that's all I've ever known it atdid i mention I think this is a pretty bridgeI love all of the old buildings, I think this is a cathedral and the old hospital, I could be very very wrong with this oneits hard to take good picture when the car is moving this is st something or other, could be Andrew, could be James, could be way off to but I'm sure there was a st in there some where
the entrance to the tower is somewhere on the other side of the park, its probably a very long walk the ever famous bridge, not as pretty as the Anzac

on the ever famous bridge, no toll on the way out, mum got lost on the way home because she was too busy talking on the phone (hands free) and took a wrong turn, I knew where we were

We were somewhere not very far out of the city and if we keep following the signs we will find our way home :-), a very exciting evening

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finallyonmyway said...

OMG i havent been to Sydney in 10 years, now i feel old lol.