Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Time to respond to comments

Ok so I just can't think about anything to write at the moment

Merlot - We have repetedley let my aunty know that her dog won't get fat just like the last one didn't and for that matter any one of the dogs I grew up with and my girly could be considered almost skinny

Jen - thanks for that comment, I wish I had room to gow a magnolia myself even if they do make a lot of mess

Chris + Erica - The gnocchi was pretty good, not sure how ponit friendley it is I counted it at potato gnocchi+spinach+parmesan cheese I think a serve was 6 pts or hardley anything on NC cause then its just the cheese

Merlot - the thermometer was a birthday gift from the boy it is very useful having farenheight as well especialy for when disscussing weather with those in other countries, still waiting for that cool change

Merlot- I have a really nice pic of J strapped to the chair with M in the background, but as they are not my children and are so young I felt it probably isn't right to post their pictures here

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sparklingmerlot said...

I use your thermometer to convert from C to F!!! It's a lovely clear photo.

I know what you mean about not posting the pictures of the kids but isn't it a sad indictment on our society that we have to think like this? I was walking past a child care centre and some of the kids called out 'hello' and I said "hello" back. The person looking after them was not impressed with the kids or me! Sad. Very sad.

At least not desexing the dog because she might get fat is better than not desexing them cos Blokes Need Their Balls, which is another often heard reason!!