Saturday, January 13, 2007

yet another big day at Nans

we got asked to mow again today, not sure if I mentioned earlier but the boy's dad and his nan had a little bit of a falling out and so we haven't been mowing for a while, she rang earlier this week and said she would rather us do it than get some one in, the boy agreed as long as one or both of his brothers help out occasionally, today was only the middle brother, he brought his little un's, M(4) & J(1) with him, which made the day somewhat interesting as soon as the brother took nan and J to the shop M asked "uncle where can I garden?"," I don't know you should ask aunty Belinda to show you", I helped her rake with a 4 Y/O sized rake for about half an hour then I had to go get some petrol, I got back and they were mowing a little part of the front yard, not too bad for a bloke who had no idea what uncles do or so he told me when every one was excited about her birth, didn't help that he wasn't talking to his brother at the time, we had lunch with nan which was pretty good, I can see we have an organiser in the family, " aunty belinda you sit next to me and nan can sit next to J a and daddy can sit next to nan and uncle sit next to you" the seating plan didn't work out quite that way daddy straped J to a plastic chair so he would sit still was pretty amusing because the only thing he had to do the strapping with was the bag he had with him

it was a good lunch anyway and we didn't stay that late, and for the first time ever it wasn't stinking hot, we are still waiting for that storm

heres the result of the day, shhh don't tell the boy, I promised no more pics but its too sweet not to share

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sparklingmerlot said...

Sounds like you had a lovely weekend. Kids are wonderful at that age and it's lovely seeing adults learning how to relate to littlies. A photo would have been nice ;)