Sunday, January 21, 2007


We being me and them ( the boy decided it was too hot)
had a really good time, everyone took some food and many bottles of champagne were drunk, I have no hope of ever keeping up with that lot

the conductor was very entertaining you could tell he was really into the music, this year was mostly from American composers he explained allot bout the relationships between different composers and what each piece was about

the lighting is awesome, every piece had a different set of images projected onto the sails

here's a vid of the last bit, the entire vid is too long,

yes I jumped when the cannons went of the first time
they told me the fire works would come off the buildings so I was leaning that way, I really need to work on my videoing skills

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finallyonmyway said...

Looks like a great night was had be all, lovethe pics and the vide hun.