Wednesday, January 10, 2007


I finally got around to making my own gnocchi

I had the silverbeet I had picked earlier in the week and wanted something interesting to do with it, I found a recipie for parmesan and silverbeet Gnocchi
I didn't quite have enough for the recipie so I went and picked some more
I have to learn to check the leaves as I pick them , this little bugger scared the life out of me I think I scared him too cause he webed in the sink , but he wouldn't drown so I took him and the leaf he was on out to the front garden
I have decided I need more bench space I have a realy nice big chopping board which I do everything on but I didn't quite have room to roll out the whole ball of doughWe had to watch the woofs with this lot, while I was trying to perfect the fork trick I dropped a few peices, champ quite enjoyed them, Girly missed out because she was too slow


chickychriss said...

Yummo - your gnocchi looks fantastic! That spider would have scared the pants off me!!!

Erica aka finallyonmyway said...

YUMMMMMMM!! was this a point friendly recipie? it looks great! and that spider is HUGEEEEE! just a garden variety i hope.

... Erica x