Tuesday, January 23, 2007

it's started

with 10 days to go the process for the boy getting his licence back has started he did his knowledge test to day "aced it" apparently, only required a pass but got all questions right yaaaaaaaaay, they are making him wait until the first of Feb before he can even book for his prac , I thought he would be able to book for the prac so that he could get in close to or on the first , looks like another week unnecessarily added onto the end of his disqualification, like its not hard enough doing 5 years without a licence. that last week is going to be a killer because he is then allowed to hold a licence but cant get it until he completes the test.

new tires for the Ute while he was at it, they couldn't find the winder to get the spare down so it too almost 2 hrs rather than the 45 mins they originally stated I was most unimpressed. the winder by the way is always clipped to the back wall of the cab with maybe a bag of green bags in front of it, if I ever need another new spare I'll have to remember to have the winder out ready, I'll have to re pack the cab later, and after yesterdays disaster with the fires on the F3 and Old Road (pacific hwy)

I must remember to throw in a bottle of water or two lots of people were stranded in the traffic with small children and no water to give them, unfortunately for them they are too thick to see that the authorities have more important things(like fire) to deal with than some dill who doesn't carry water in their car, they( the people without water for the 3/4yo child) were ringing up the radio complaining that no one was bringing refreshments through the traffic for people who were stranded, how dare they concentrate on fighting fire and re-directing traffic, later in the day one of the guests mentioned she always carries a litre bottle of water in the boot of her car which is use full, for washing up after changing tires or if you get stuck in big traffic jambs, we carry a 2 litre bottle when we take the dogs but I think I might just keep it topped up, if you are really thirsty it doesn't matter how stale or warm the water is
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finallyonmyway said...

WOW! what A holes (sorry) t make him wait another week! unreal!!