Wednesday, January 31, 2007

what day are we up to again........

I hate having holidays and nothing planned, I think I might find out when my next lot of hols are(I have rostered hols) and try and plan something for then perhaps a trip to Melbourne,

I've never travelled south of the border, unless you count the border with Canberra strange setup that one, a little tiny state smack bang in the middle of nowhere, apologies to all of the canberanites out there but if it wasn't for the city there would be ski hotels and farms and perhaps a small town, it is interesting that they stuck it in between Sydney and Melbourne rather than in the center of the country, now could you imagine that....... the capital city of Australia...... ALICE SPRINGS........... it kinda works.

I've decided after reading the last paragraph that I should stick to the light shandy's rather than drinking the beer straight...... thank goodness for spell check (I've only had one.....)

anyway mum and dad are heading to Melbourne for their wedding anniversary I think it will be 32 years I could be very wrong..... they are going for a romantic weekend including a meal at fifteen restaurant..... its been booked for months, it annoys me that they don't want me to drive them to the airport because that would put me out, I might have talked them into it when I reminded dad of all of the 4am trips to the station, and his car will be more secure at home than at the parking station, it will also give them another $80 or so to spend while they are away. we'll see what happens dad keeps saying something about work, but it's on a weekend so I'm unlikely to be working anyway grrr

as for today well I joined Calorie King website, seeing as though its free now I figured another resource cant hurt seems pretty good enter food, counts calories in and calories out, shows how many left, similar to the meal planner on the WW site but I prefer the forum on WW so I'll stick to that not that I've been all that involved lately really need these things to work for me, I'm sick of not having any clothes that fit it drives me mad to have things that only a few weeks ago were perhaps a little tight but are now almost impossible to do up grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

going shopping with mum tomorrow for a new outfit... aunty is turning 60 they are having a garden party I need garden party outfit to go in or at least a bright and cheer full wrap thing and a hat to go with black dress more than likely new outfit though, I wonder if the boy will allow me to buy him a new shirt ..... prolly not

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