Friday, January 26, 2007

straylya day

well, happy Australia day, I can't remember if its a celebration of the day the first fleet landed or if its the day that the country was discovered I know its something important like that anyway ,usually celebrated with BBQ and beer this year we are having a nice quiet at home day, I have to work tomorrow so I don't particularly feel like running around or doing a BBQ I hope it rains later its another one of those humid days, I would consider going to the local pool but I know it will be packed, and there's no fun swimming in a crowded pool, we were going sailing but I think those places will also be packed oh well have fun every one


jen said...

We had a day of just pettering around, just me and hubby...lit the barbie for some lamb steaks and had a salad for dinner. A great end to a quiet but hot day....phewwwwwwww for the sea breeze.


finallyonmyway said...

Hey hun, hope you had a relaxing day, we had a laid back day too, took the kids riding in the morning and just kicked back for the rest of the day.