Sunday, January 28, 2007

another day another dollar, or more

apparently they had bets as to weather I'd turn up or not, everyone lost, no one thought I'd go, hahahahahaha I usually say no I don't want to work, reasons,

  • the boy only has weekends off and its nice to spend the day and the night together
  • I can think of much more interesting things to do
  • I work a lot of afternoon shift and so only get to see family and friends who are mostly non shift workers on the weekend
  • I need to go shopping
  • anything else that comes up at the time
really I just don't like being at work more than I have to, yes the money on weekends is very good and I can probably pay the rego on the Ute from working one weekend but I think my home life is more important than putting 2007 equipment into 1970's machines then trying to get it to work. it wasn't too bad today although we did get a cruddy job later in the day, which technically we shouldn't have done because the other jobs are classed as 12 hrs, I heard much complaining on the way out to the job from the bloke who was sent out to the job with me, I don't care we are there and doing the work makes the time go quicker

On the way home I stopped into anaconda and bought 2 sleeping bags and a 3 man tent, when the boy gets his licence back they will get some use, I bought them now because they were on special, and the sleeping bags will fit nicely in the bottom of our saddle bags and the tent will fit nicely across the back of my seat, the whole lot cost $108, full price would have been over $300, I an learning to control my spending, which is great, now most of the time I am able to confidently stop at the shop on my way home and grab some basics, it's sad when you are not sure if you have the $10 for the few things you are picking up from Coles or woollies

On Australia day, it is the day that the Governor declared the colony, so pretty much the day the first fleet landed

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