Sunday, December 31, 2006

new Year new plan, rules to follow

  1. just because its there it dosen't have to be eaten
  2. just because BF is going to guzzle the whole treat and it looks like you wont get any isn't important you can aways buy/make some another time and have the first bit
  3. nothing relieves thirst like water especially not coffee with 2 sugars and full strength milk
  4. the woofs need to be walked at least every second day and so do I
  5. why stare at the pantry/fridge when there is a bowl full of fruit, don't complain cut the iffy bits of rather than throwing a whole apple out

1 comment:

Erica aka finallyonmyway said...

Great plan with good rules hun ;o) sounds like a recipe for success.

... Erica x