Monday, January 29, 2007

holidays day 2

well, I spent the morning helping the boy put his bike together, for someoone who is such a neat freak he keeps an incredibly untidy shed, I will go through it one day and sort things out but that will have to wait until I manage to declutter the house, I am considering selling some of my fiction books and joining the library then I will have much more room for keeping my non fiction stuff and only keeping the special books, the one that were handed down or were gifts

the gym got a work out this afternoon, I know my uppe body will be sore tomorrow, but I will try to do legs stuff tomorrow, I thought about it today but my arms were shaking too much to hold the bar and the boy suggested it would be better if I have time in my routine for some gym stuff every day upper body today lower body tomorrow, still working on the routine thing it is happening, sort of but it works much better when I am going to work during the day

new addition this week will be vacuuming twice a week, he said we need to vacuum twice a week because the dogs are in the house a fair bit and if we had children they would be on the floor alot and he likes to lay on the floor too , he also mentioned he wouldn't mind if one of his ex's turned up with a child of his, it would be nice to go and do things like kite flying and bycicling and he'd make a good dad, prolly because his dad never did anything with him, I seriously think the boy is starting to think family, it is a bit of worry but then it could be just thoughts it would be nice to have instant 7 YO which can be handed back not sure how long it would be all good for though

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