Saturday, January 06, 2007

you stink dog

I am cursing my cousin ...... this is the one that works at the dog food factory........ he brought down a case of CHUM .....big cans that mum would never use also schmakos and some small bags of dried food with asian writing of some sort on them..... ever since we started feeding them the Chum they have been farting sooo much its not funnymot only are they loud but they smell like CHUM, Iknew there was a reason we stopped feeding them tinned food

I started tracking my food again I have discovered my problem ....... after only 3 days of tracking I am at - 6.5 points and thats with 3.5 exercise points thrown in and not being completely honest (I can't go back to low fat/skim milk) so I'm thinking next week I'll be going on the points system just for a week and see how I go, I'm also planning to make use of the gym set again and still trying to get walking again

My excuse for not walking today is that when I came home, the boy wasn't here and he has left his mobile behind if he needs to call he only knows this number but he prbably thinks I'm still at mum and dads

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