Friday, January 19, 2007

La La La

it's too hot to care, I was thinking about re-starting my workoutson the bench and ball, then I thought about taking my little beastie for a ride, I could alway finish that washing that I started and hang it out, its still on soak cycle, which usually gives it a couple of days before it starts to smell which happens withing a few hours of the spin cycle finnishing, its probably good weather for washing, but I 'm buggered if I'm going out in it to hang the stuff out I've finally figured out how to get this room somewhat bearable with a fan in the halway sending the airconditioned air this way seems to be working niceley, we are going to the domayne tonight to lay out a sheet, apparently this is the best eay fo reserving a good spot unless you wish to camp their all day and night, this week is symphony in the domayne , it starts some time on saturday night the boy was a little sad that we missed jazz in the domayne oh well maybe next year.

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