Friday, September 08, 2006

These things come in threes

Many people have been saying who's next and perhaps certain people should be careful yet even though it was illness and not an accident there were three

  • Don Chipp, Politician who was going to "Keep the bastards Honest" Tue, 29 Aug
  • Steve Irwin, Wildlife Worrier Mon, 04 Sep
  • Peter Brock, Race Car driver Fri 08 Sep
(Insert Multiple swear words here)

I don't know why but the first thing I think when I hear these thing are multiple swear words

Don Chipp I heard on the news, he had Parkinson's disease but believed in what he did and even up to a few years ago was doing television interviews He create the Australian Democrats Or some thing like that, I was either too young or no even thought of when he was at his peak

Steve Irwin and Peter Brock I heard from the bloke I was working with

"Did you hear about the Steve Irwin thing"

"Nah whats he got up to this time :-D"

"He's dead."

Whoa did some one just slap me "Ya what"

"yup he got stung by a sting ray in the chest or something"


a few days later

"I just heard on the news Peter Brock might be Dead"

I gotta stop working with this bloke he keeps slapping me "What, How"

"Car crash"

"will you stop telling me these things its becoming a bad habit"

anyway it always seems like a slap in the face except for people who have sorta gone into obscurity and have been forgotten about for a while then you see it on the news and every one go awe wow xyz died gee he had a good innings, remember when s/he did this or what movie/TV show was s/he from............

Quick edit

Berrie just reminded me

Colin Thiele The man who wrote Storm boy passed away Mon 4 sep

Here is an exert from his web page

Colin Thiele
Author Educator & Poet
Monday 4Th Sept. 2006, Colin Thiele died in hospital after a short stay due to breathing difficulties (and a failing heart). He was 85 years old.He leaves behind his loving wife Rhonnie and two daughters and their families.

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