Monday, September 25, 2006

is anyone else cold???

yesterday was a real scorcher too hot to stay in to hot to be out for too long today I was looking for the sun its sooo cold maybe that's exaggerating a bit but I have been busy, I have decided that it is time for our two sets of dining chairs to go I have cleaned and mopped the kitchen and done some washing the boy couldn't believe that I was doing things and started being very annoying when I had a go at him for standing where I was about to mop and dropping chicken crumbs on the floor I had just swept the very cute "I'm Sowy" only works once or twice.
Anyway I have gotten the EBay bug again and will need to sell things in order to fund by bidding habit Click Here to see my Items for sale hopefully the old chairs will fund a newer set of chairs that I am looking at and well the books will fund the books I'm looking at

Hoping to drag my bum out of bed early in the morning with the intention of going for a walk we'll see how that goes

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