Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Whats That?

yesterday I did a little gardening after the rain stopped, this garden has been very neglected, I actually thought these little sticks were long gone, rotted away, but they aren't they were just lost the long grass, originally the dogs chewed on the one below which is why it is so small, have you guessed what they are yet????

well they produce sour edible fruit, very small berries the plants are different colours of berry
the top one, I'm pretty sure is known as a Ribena Berry the bottom one is the red version or that's the other way round, the labels may have been mixed up

got it yet ???

the one is a black current an the other is a red current, as I was clearing the grass I was surprised to see buds on the big one, when I scratched at one underneath is green the little one has no buds but I scratched a bit of bark off to find it is also green, for their effort they got half a watering can of charlie carp

I forgot to take a before pic so here is one of the grass I removed

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