Monday, September 18, 2006

new stuff

the bed finally arrived, I'll post a pic when I get a roundtooit It's soo nice I still wake up with a sore back but that's probably just me, so young yet falling apart, Kmart has a sale on Manchester 50% off some brands so.... two sets of new sheets and a really nice doona cover and a new doona the comforter and matching pillow cases can go back in the cupboard for the guest bed, they were originally bought for or the sofa bed but with the dogs sleeping on the sofa and tearing it apart, I would want to re-upholster and stuff the whole thing before I expected anyone to sleep there it's a little smelly and possibly uncomfortable, when we rebuild I will be pushing for a click clack lounge even though we will have at least two guest rooms the boy is now very discouraging of people drink driving it is likely we could end up with guests staying for breakfast, like the politician who recently got caught 0.06 after having 3 schooners at a function over a few hours he believes the limit should be 0.0 across the board, I got my licence at the start of Learners and p platers having to be 0.02 and had to stick to that for 3 years it's sort of ingrained I don't drink if I am planning to drive with in the next couple of hours

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