Thursday, September 21, 2006

yep spring is here

I was watching our cherry tree today it has a few little flower buds on it, yesterday was 2, today is 5, anyway I was watching one of these flowers and I swear it was growing and changing by the second, early in the morning it was a tight little bud which by later in the morning had become a half open bud and by the time I went to work was a fully open blossom how awesome is that.The mango is getting ready to flower, I'm really looking forward to that, yes I like mangoes but I'm interested to see how it flowers and mangoes grow, one advantage of not spraying for insects is that I am not all that worried about weather the trees will be pollinated or not, at the moment there are plenty of insects around, my favourite are the native bees, its amazing how they hover and dart around

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