Saturday, September 16, 2006

I hate waiting

I bought some cabinets on EBay on Wednesday, gee it's been that long since I have been online, we went yesterday to pick them up, stupid me didn't narrow the search to within 75K's so we went to port kembela to pick them up at 0630 which means we left a 5, I really have to convince the boy to get a car licence when he gets his back, we were back by 1030 and that's with a detour through the city that much driving wears you out I crashed (in bed) when I got home and didn't get up until it was almost time to go to work, I was going to ring the company that makes the parts I need for the little beastie but they are in England and waiting until it is late enough didn't happen, I will try again tonight at the moment its around 1 O'clock in the morning there, grr

now for the waiting, I was hoping the bed would be coming early in the day, turns out it won't be here until some time between 2 and 5, grrrrrrr so I'll be trying to spend the rest of the morning cleaning up and getting the old bed out, we are considering keeping the frame, when we get a new house(looking at the next 3-5 years) that will be one less room to furnish even if all it has is a bed, Oh well I had better get in to it, we also need to get the woofs and ourselves some food, and new sheets for the new bed

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