Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Ah ha

Well it seems the wonder full people at blogger have fixed yet another bug in beta, I can comment yet again, and yep other people can comment here too ha haa

now on to today or is it this week I don't know, I've been pretty slack with things lately,

I have sent the part from the little beastie away to be modified, you don't want to know how much its going to cost, but for an idea I had to work 28hrs OT to pay for it. I got a call from the bike shop the parts I need have to be ordered from England, bloody British bikes, so there's another 2 weeks off the road, but with daylight savings and warmer weather on the way I MIGHT drag up the courage to ride my bicycle and catch the train, notice the big might, we don't live in the greatest of areas and its at least a 15 minute ride from the station, in the dark, I used to when we only live 5 mins from the station but that was on a bicycle track which is very well lit.......... I know excuses, excuses

I have decided that the best way for me to get the things I want will be to work for them, I don't like working extra hrs it plays with the mind a little, I get very moody if I work too much, but there are too many things I want and I don't want to be relying on credit all the time

I have been informed that I dress as my mum would and need desperately to go shopping, also discovered I have a triumph bra expert living with me and I didn't know it, I found out while trying to find something to go to work in. Apparently my blue checked shorts which are almost too big for me are really daggy, so i tried on some I haven't worn for ages, they were too tight so I found another pair which were a little snug but not ridiculous, then I needed a top to match, the first one was too daggy the next too dressy another I wouldn't be able to wear a bra under, the fourth was too big but it also showed, "gee I've got big boobs","its not the boobs its that daggy old bra with the dead elastic isn't giving you any support, you need to stop spending money on things you want and spend some on yourself for a change", so my next mission is to go and find some not to dressy casual clothes which I can wear when doing everything from walking the dogs to going to work.

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