Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Fish and Chips

I've been a bit off for the last couple of weeks, no breaky, whatever is easy from the pantry for lunch, and well whatever is easy for dinner, the boy was going mad at me for eating too many carbs I usually go for porridge for breaky, pasta for lunch and sometimes the same pasta for dinner or meat and veg the problem of course being this kind of diet works foe me firstly porridge keeps me full and so does pasta which stops me eating crud,

so with the lack of motivation to cook lunch or breakfast I have slipped into old habits of not eating then eating whatever is in sight another demotivator of course is the state of the kitchen thus one of my goals yesterday is to get the house tidy and keep it that way

OK so I'm just making Excuses I'm back in that couldn't be bothered mood again I still remember the June dally Watkins course the teacher said never ever couldn't be bothered
there were also these rules
Rule 1 Always be the best that I can be
Rule 2 Always be the best that I can be
Rule 3 Always be the best that I can be
Rule 4 Always be the best that I can be
Rule 5 Always be the best that I can be
definitely rules to live by

so starting tomorrow I'm back into it, Porridge for breakfast, we'll see what happens after that but it should start things back on the right track, after a discussion with one of the other Elecs yesterday night this week I am writing a Budget even if I can't get the boy in on it starting next pay I will know exactly where everything goes for me anyway. he has some thing about all of his money going on 2 debts and a carton of beer a week so he doesn't need a budget I think he would be surprised how much he actually spends on other things and how much he could be saving for parts for his bike ooh well that's my whinge for the day, dimmis for a late snack then back into healthy stuff tomorrow

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