Thursday, September 28, 2006


this time I am sick, after being kept awake all night with the boys coughing I seem to have caught whatever it is that he has.
It started a little last night with the sore throat and the headache, a couple of paracetmole, hoping it would help, a glass of water and straight to bed, I woke up at around 5 all stuffed up and feeling like I was going to be sick, the boy is a bloody fidget every time he moved I felt ten times worse eventually despite all of the sips of water, cursing him I just made it, sorry too much info, I dragged myself back to bed he got up not long after to do computer stuff, I had to get my own water he told me to have a shower but I felt sick again so ... back to bed, thinking he dosen't care, later he went to get some petty for the wippersnipper and brought back some cold and flu stuff so maybe he does care.

after some cold and flu stuff I feel much better, I still don't think I could eat anything so breaky juice it is today. the boy is trying to convince me to go to work, we'll see I'm not too keen on making everyone else sick but then I don't want to have to get a note from the Dr either

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